About Us


The Koko Nanga brand produces vibrant, classic clothing for the Afropolitan: those with an affinity for African Culture. To fortify the perspective on African fashion, the brand works to provide 1st and 2nd generation Africans an avenue to confidently embrace their African identity with a modern flair. Greater than ever, the intent is for persons of African descent living in the Continent and those in the Diaspora (African-American, Afro-European, Afro-Asian and Afro-Caribbean) to unitein this community where the wearable connection is vivid.


Maryanne Mokoko is a naturalized American born in the West African country Cameroon. She migrated to the USA with family at age 14. Here she learned the culture shock of finding your way and voice in a land you are not used to. By the time she moved for her collegiate education at Howard University in 2003, she realized a way for her to showcase her African identity, without being ashamed of where she came from. Her second year in college, under brand Côté Minou, she embarked on a mission to change the way people see Africa via this wearable art form. The designer has always applied her academic love for geometry, culture, people and patterns to guide her in creativity. After having met/spoken to a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures and races- that you don't only have to be black to be “Afropolitan”, you simply have to have an affinity for Afro-Culture.

“Together we are stronger,so come let's - Ubuntu!”

All Are Welcome

Come and explore to appreciate the motherland in our own way that promotes unity and inclusivity for all but most especially people of black descent all over the Diaspora.